AP Direct

Your source for live breaking news. AP Direct is a 24/7 live video service, focusing on news as it breaks and develops.

AP Direct


Breaking and scheduled news events

Natural and man-made disasters

Riots and protests

Politics and elections

Summits and conferences


Immediate reaction

to story developments takes precedence - AP Direct follows the news.

24/7 content managers

monitor and assess breaking and developing news around the globe.

Continuous coverage updates

reflect the news agenda.

Comprehensive output

averages 14 hours of live coverage daily.

AP Live Choice

Your source for live event content. AP Live Choice provides a further three simultaneous streams of guaranteed and uninterrupted live events.

AP Live ChoiceAP Live ChoiceAP Live Choice


Multi-camera coverage of simultaneous breaking news events across three channels.

Scheduled global and regional events.

Event types include

Summits, conferences, and other political events.

Red carpet arrivals, premieres, parties and more.

World cultural and religious events and festivals.

Product launches, motor show previews, and key technology events.

Sports news and press conferences.

Slow news, such as lunar eclipses, sea turtles hatching and the Japanese cherry blossom season.



Up to 100 unique live events per month.


We are continually striving to provide previously unseen types of live coverage to engage your audiences.


Plan ahead with our online editorial calendar.

Depth of coverage.

Event streams run for as long as the story continues, whether days, hours or even weeks.

Event coverage is guaranteed and uninterrupted.
We have it covered.
Multi-location coverage of news events - giving you every angle of the news story.
Ease of use.
Online booking, interactive message boards, and 24/7 support.